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Championing Sustainable Metal Evolution.

When we envisioned THE ECO, we imagined a future where vast volumes of scrap metal aren’t mere waste but a treasure trove of opportunity. Tailored specifically for industries and for reincarnating the metal DNA of municipal waste, THE ECO isn’t just a machine; it’s a mission. A mission to turn metal’s end into a new beginning.

VIPER Streamlined Efficiency in Every Press

Tailored for Precision: The VIPER baler is meticulously designed for compressing light materials, from everyday cans to miscellaneous scraps, especially excelling in compacting scrap from Solid Waste (SW). Its focus on handling such materials ensures optimal results every time.

Versatility in Design: Catering to diverse productivity requirements, the VIPER comes in two distinct variants: the standard STD and the high-speed HS. This flexibility ensures that every customer's unique needs are met with precision.

Efficient Input, Effective Output: The VIPER is equipped with a generously-sized hopper, ensuring easy material feeding. Once inside, materials are seamlessly cut and compressed from the front, guaranteeing uniform and efficient compaction with every cycle.

The VIPER Edge: Much like its namesake, the VIPER baler is agile, efficient, and designed for precision. It strikes the perfect balance between power and finesse, ensuring that every piece of scrap is compacted to perfection. Embrace the future of recycling with VIPER's unparalleled efficiency.

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PYTHON: Double Compression, Double Efficiency

Built for Challenges: PYTHON is specifically engineered to handle and compress some of the most challenging materials, such as machining chips. Its two-compression system ensures that even the most resistant scraps are compacted with ease and efficiency.

Maximum Force, Minimal Surface: Setting PYTHON apart is its capacity to exert an impressive force on a notably reduced final compression surface. This unique design guarantees optimal compaction, ensuring every piece of material is processed with the utmost precision.

Adaptable to Your Needs: With versatility in mind, PYTHON is available in two distinct models: the standard STD and the high-speed HS. This ensures that, regardless of the volume or intensity of your operations, there's a PYTHON variant tailored to your productivity needs.

Experience the PYTHON Difference: Staying true to its namesake, the PYTHON machine embodies strength, flexibility, and efficiency. When faced with difficult materials, rely on PYTHON's unmatched dual compression system to deliver unparalleled results. Dive into a world of enhanced recycling with PYTHON's unmatched prowess.


COBRA: Double Compression, Broad Possibilities

Majestic Compaction: Much like its namesake, the COBRA machine boasts impressive strength and adaptability. Specifically designed for two-compression operations, COBRA effortlessly manages bulkier materials, ensuring they are compacted with utmost precision.

Generously Sized for Large Loads: What sets COBRA apart is its expansive compaction box, allowing it to accommodate even the most sizeable metals. No matter the dimensions, COBRA can handle it.
Flexible Feeding Options: COBRA's adaptability doesn’t stop at compaction. With three distinct feeding hoppers to choose from, including a specialized pre-compaction option, both automatic and manual feeding are streamlined and efficient.
Tailored Speeds for Varied Needs: With two available speed sizes, COBRA guarantees optimal performance for a diverse range of compaction requirements. Whether your operations are large-scale or smaller, COBRA's speed adaptability ensures you're always operating at peak efficiency.
Discover the COBRA Advantage: In the realm of metal compaction, COBRA reigns supreme. Its unparalleled capacity, coupled with its adaptable features, makes it the go-to machine for comprehensive metal recycling. Experience a revolution in compaction with COBRA's unmatched capabilities.



TAIPAN: Speed Meets Efficiency

Unleash the Speed Demon: ECO TAIPAN isn't just a machine; it's a testament to what swift and efficient engineering looks like. Designed as a dual-compression beast, TAIPAN offers rapid operations without compromising on quality.

Generous Compaction for Bulk Materials: With its expansive compaction box, TAIPAN confidently accommodates larger materials, transforming them into densely packed units swiftly. It's not just about size; it's about delivering efficient compression on every cycle.
Tailored for Rolling Mills: Specifically engineered for rolling mill trimmings, TAIPAN addresses the industry's unique needs. Its automated processes ensure that trimmings are compacted effectively, reducing waste and enhancing overall productivity.
Achieve Dense Packaging in a Flash: TAIPAN's prowess isn't limited to its size. It ensures every compressed package is of high density, making transport and further processing smoother.
The Ultimate Compactor: If you're in the market for a machine that's both fast and reliable, TAIPAN rises above the rest. Harness the power of speed and precision with ECO TAIPAN, where every compression cycle is a step towards a greener, more efficient future.

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MAMBA: The Tri-Force of Compaction

Triple the Power: MAMBA isn't your ordinary compression machine. Engineered with a three-compression system, it tackles very bulky and lightweight materials with finesse and precision, ensuring every cycle counts.

Unparalleled Compaction Capacity: MAMBA's formidable compaction box is a marvel in its own right. Designed to accommodate even the most challenging materials, it ensures no scrap is too large or too light to handle.
Dense, Efficient Packages: Beyond its size and power, MAMBA is all about results. Each compacted package is exceptionally dense, making storage, transport, and further processing efficient and cost-effective.
Impressive Productivity: Time is money, and with MAMBA, you'll save plenty of both. Its automated systems can be fed manually or automatically, catering to various operational preferences while maintaining peak productivity.
The MAMBA Advantage: In the realm of recycling and compaction, MAMBA stands out as a powerhouse. Whether you're dealing with vast quantities of lightweight materials or seeking ultra-dense packaging solutions, MAMBA delivers time and time again.
Embrace the Future with MAMBA: When you choose MAMBA, you're not just opting for a machine; you're investing in a future of efficient, sustainable operations. Join the revolution, and let MAMBA lead the way.

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