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Precision Meets Power.

Engineered for the nuanced tasks, the TIGER is your go-to for medium-light material handling and efficient logging. It's not just a machine; it's a marvel, meticulously crafted to ensure every shear, every baler function, every moment it's in operation, echoes excellence. In the world of shear balers, the TIGER doesn't just exist; it dominates.
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Strength in Core:

Originating from the robust compaction box of the Panther press, the TIGER shear baler has been meticulously reinforced to handle even the most challenging compaction tasks with ease.

Unyielding Performance: Equipped with a head boasting cutting forces of 550 to 715 tonnes, the TIGER ensures optimal performance, even with the heaviest of materials. It's a testament to engineering perfection and durability.


Versatility Unmatched:

Catering to diverse operational needs, the TIGER offers a myriad of configurations. Whether you require a fixed setup, a transportable variant with a lifting system, or different diesel engine brands—or perhaps an electric version—the TIGER has you covered.


Compact and Mobile:

Despite its powerhouse capabilities, the TIGER stands out with its compact design, ensuring easy transportability without compromising on its efficiency.

R6-550 copia_Fotor.png

The TIGER Essence:

In nature, the tiger symbolizes power, agility, and precision. The TIGER shear baler is no different, encapsulating these traits to provide unparalleled performance, adaptability, and resilience. Experience the roar of unmatched efficiency with every operation.

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