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Royalty Reborn.

In the vast savannah of metal processing, one roar stands out—LION. Evolving from the esteemed lineage of the Lollini AL5000, the LION isn't merely a machine; it's a legend reborn with the pulse of modern tech. Picture this: Machines that have withstood the test of time and terrain. From the bone-chilling cold of the polar circle to the unforgiving heat of the Sahara Desert, the LION has not just endured, but thrived. This resilience is a testament to its unmatched prowess.
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Beyond Boundaries in Three Dimensions.

Beyond its structural marvel, the LION press embodies the epitome of robustness fused with productivity. Every detail, from the intricately designed compaction case to the state-of-the-art solutions, ensures a seamless blend of customization, productivity, and efficiency. And with case dimensions spanning 4, 5, and 6 meters, paired with speed tiers of R, RS, and RSS, the possibilities are vast.

Opt for mobility with semi-trailers or the stability of fixed setups. Choose from an array of powerhouses like CAT, FPT, Perkins, Cummins, or even the eco-friendly electric engines. And if precision is your goal, integrated package density control systems can be fine-tuned right from the cabin, ensuring your outputs perfectly align with the mill's needs or transport optimizations.

In essence, while LION may share its three-wing compaction case geometry with the original AL5000, it's so much more. It's the past, present, and future of pressing, all roaring in unison.

LION represents the latest evolution of the original AL5000 with which it shares the geometry of the three-wing compaction case.

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Space: Unbounded. Potential: Unlimited

Imagine a compaction box stretching a vast 2.7 x 6 meters—space so vast that you can effortlessly compact not just one, but two vehicle bodies, or even the bulkiest of vans. With the ingenious addition of the upper wing, compressing grand-sized materials is no longer a challenge but a seamless process.

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HARDOX & WELDOX: The Perfect Duo in Durability:

Hardox is no doubt an unmatched champion when it comes to resistance to wear. But, as great as it is, it's not a structural marvel. Enter Weldox—a material that offers structural prowess in spades. By marrying the two, we've crafted a masterstroke: The main body of our machines flaunts the structural integrity of Weldox, gracefully armoured with a Hardox exterior for added resilience against wear. A partnership, not just of materials, but of strength and longevity.

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Square Perfection:

Dive into the future of compression with LION. Its state-of-the-art compaction case, engineered with rigidity and resilience at its core, ensures that every package you churn out is not just square, but flawlessly so. The result? Bales that aren’t just perfect, but are also a breeze to stack.

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Tailored Density:

Why settle for the generic when you can customize? Our optional bale density control system empowers you to enhance productivity, aligning perfectly with the specifications of your processing mill. And that’s not all—our bale length control system ensures that every package fits the mold, optimizing your loading operations.


Clean Operations, Pure Excellence:

Bid adieu to the messy aftermaths. LION's distinctively designed charging box guarantees that every drop of liquid escaping the compaction has just one way out. Paired with a purpose-built collection tank with integrated taps, we ensure that the only place the liquid goes is into the tank—ensuring a clean operation, every single time.


Safety First, Always:

In the rare event of an inferno, there’s no need to panic. Simply close the charging box and focus on the collection tank. But, why wait for a manual response when you can go automatic? Our optional fire extinguishers, always on standby, and governed by the discerning eye of the operator, leap into action at the slightest hint of a blaze. With LION, you're not just investing in performance, but peace of mind.


Advanced hydraulics:

Where Speed Meets Precision

Double the Power, Half the Time: LION's hydraulics are crafted not just for power but for agility. By facilitating simultaneous movements of the compaction wings, the time taken for the case to close is slashed, streamlining your work cycle. And speaking of power, the RSS version boasts a staggering force of 500t, bringing industrial might to your fingertips.


Purity Preserved:

Accidents happen, but not on our watch. Our machines are engineered with a meticulous oil cooling system. Additionally, the dedicated filtration system for each cylinder ensures the hydraulic oil remains uncontaminated, safeguarding both the machine and your peace of mind.

Tailored to Every Need:

Space Galore: Choose from three expansive box sizes, with the
largest boasting a cavernous 30 cubic meters of open volume.

Mobility & Stability:

Whether you prefer the sturdiness of a fixed setup, the agility of a semi-trailer mobility, or the convenience of transportability, LION has got you covered.


Bespoke Speed & Power:

Three-speed variants cater to your exact needs. Whether it’s the dependable R, the agile RS, or the lightning-fast RSS, there’s a LION speed for every task. And when it comes to engines, our line up, including CAT, FPT, Cummins, and others, ensures you're powered by the best.

Beyond Basics:

With LION, customization is more than just a word. Dive into our extensive option range. From grab loaders and remote controls to package density and length controls. Need to brave colder climates? Our hydraulic oil heating has you covered. Want security against fires? Our integrated fire protection systems stand vigilant. With satellite system positioning, pre-programmed PLC-controlled cycles, and more, with LION, you're always in command.
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