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Our legacy, your future

Our chronicles stretch back to a time when Ing. Alessandro Lollini envisioned a future that many couldn't see. Recognized as a game-changer in the metal recycling realm, he anchored our legacy in relentless innovation.

img a873.jpg

1969 Where our Journey Began:

Starting out in Bologna, our forte lay in crafting intricate metal carpentry. Yet ambition led us to our first creation: the modest AM3 manual press. As the tides of time flowed, so did our desire to innovate, giving birth to a line up of larger, more robust cutting cover machines. A testament to their durability and our craftsmanship: many are still functional today.

Max 060.jpg

1978 Scaling the Heights:

The AM3's success wasn't the peak but the foothold. Inspired, Ing. Lollini sculpted the MAX500, introducing the world to its first-ever three-winged scrap press. This mobile marvel, complete with its crane, was not just a machine but a revolution, and it's no surprise that several are still churning, echoing our prowess.

img b866.jpg

1984 The Evolution Continues:

The evolution of the MAX500 led to the AL5000 project. The updated and revised AL5000 concept still represents the state of the art in the industry. A powerful and indestructible machine with a fast case closure capable of compacting any scrap size.Hundreds of these machines have been produced.

1° Macchina 069.jpg

1989 Revolution, Reloaded:

The AL5000's spirit birthed a ground breaking creation: the ALC505, the industry's first and sole three-winged scrap shear. A fusion of avant-garde design, the ALC505 is a beacon of innovation, boasting a monolithic single-cylinder head with a mammoth 500 t of cutting force. Our exploration into cutting-edge materials and techniques ensured that the ALC stood out, a symbiotic blend of agility and might.

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